Titanic: Project 401 – Alpha Download

Titanic: Project 401 allows you to explore an incredibly faithful recreation of the RMS Titanic before it took its fateful voyage in 1912.

Titanic: Project 401 is a side project from the creators of Titanic: Honor and Glory, which gives players freedom to explore about 50% of an incredibly realistic recreation of RMS Titanic. You can explore all the way from first class down to third class, and even the crew quarters, the engine rooms, the mail room and the boiler rooms. There are also plenty of social areas, restaurants and other luxuries, such as the gym, the barber and the swimming pool.

At the moment Titanic: Project 401 doesn’t have any audio (aside from the occasional ticking clock), but it’s perfect for sticking on a little music and going for a wander. There’s so much to see that it takes over an hour to take it all in and there are lots of fun little details to discover (even a chest of treasure). It’s truly staggering the amount of work that has gone into it and it’s clear the devs have a real passion for the project. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Titanic: Project 401 Gameplay Video Here

Download Titanic: Project 401 Here (Windows)