The Vigilante Diaries – Beta Demo

The Vigilante Diaries is a Choose Your Own Adventure style narrative-driven role-playing game where a masked vigilante sets out to clean up the streets.

In The Vigilante Diaries you are an army vet who has returned home to find his home city ravaged by crime and corruption. He decides to slip on a mask and set out to do something about it, and you experience (and decide the course of) his story via his diaries. Every decision you make can shape his destiny and can transform him from a chivalrous crimefighter to a ruthless avenger who won’t let anything get in the way of justice.

It’s a clever take on the Choose Your Own Adventure style of role-playing adventure with a well written story, a great presentation style and plenty of agency over the path the story takes. See if you’ll become a Daredevil or a Punisher!

Download The Vigilante Diaries Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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