The Big Catch: Tacklebox – Prologue Download

The Big Catch: Tacklebox is a slick low poly 3D platforming adventure with a focus on tight expressive player movement as an acrobatic fisherman sets out to save a restaurant.

A standalone prologue to the upcoming The Big Catch game, Tacklebox is a classic N64 era inspired 3D platformer where a fisherman attempts to catch tasty ingredients for a struggling restaurant (called The Big Catch). You can run fast and jump as in any self-respecting platformer, but being a fisherman you also have something else up your sleeve – a fishing rod that you can use to hook onto things (such as bombs, features or structures to swing from). Add to that an assortment of wall-wunning, grinding, sliding and climbing, and you have a very mobile character that’s a joy to control.

The introductory tutorial area could do with a little work as there’s a lot to take in, but once you get going it’s a great game with fluid movement, fun level design and clever use of its fishing rod mechanics. Your little fisherman can really move

Download The Big Catch: Tacklebox Here (Steam)

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