City of Sakadachi – Game Jam Build

City of Sakadachi is a wonderfully inventive puzzle platforming adventure where you can flip the gravity of the world around you while clinging to the ground with your hands.

Created for the Unity 1 Week Game Jam in City of Sakadachi you control a young girl who loves doing handstands (sakadachi) and when she does them then the gravity of everything around her flips, leaving … Read More

Peaks of Yore – Beta Demo

Peaks of Yore is a tense, stylish and inventive first person rock climbing game where you take control of a 19th century climber as he scales challenging peaks.

In Peaks of Yore you go on a peak-bagging adventure as you visit a picturesque 19th century countryside and attempt to use your rock climbing skills to clamber up a variety of challenging peaks. In the current … Read More

Safety Check: The Gun Safety Simulator! – Game Jam Build

Safety Check: The Gun Safety Simulator! is a fun little firearm-based puzzle game where you attempt to disarm a selection of weapons without killing yourself in the process!

In Safety Check, your goal is simple – disarm each weapon so that it is safe. You can rotate each weapon and click on the highlighted orange parts to activate the gun’s various mechanisms (being sure … Read More

The House at Eston Lake – Alpha Download

The House at Eston Lake is a well crafted atmospheric puzzle adventure where you piece together events from the past in a highly detailed mansion.

The narrative of The House at Eston Lake isn’t full in pace yet, but it seems to revolve around you remembering events from your life, following your death (or imminent death). The puzzle design is fondly reminiscent of The RoomRead More

A Lonely Cottage – Alpha Demo

A Lonely Cottage is a first person horror adventure where a child finds herself trapped in a creepy old house inhabited by some freaky stuffed toys.

You start A Lonely Cottage a strange, run down old house next to a nice warm fire and a talking stuffed teddy. The teddy is friendly enough and will even play hide and seek with you, but the rest … Read More