The Big Catch: Tacklebox – Prologue Download

The Big Catch: Tacklebox is a slick low poly 3D platforming adventure with a focus on tight expressive player movement as an acrobatic fisherman sets out to save a restaurant.

A standalone prologue to the upcoming The Big Catch game, Tacklebox is a classic N64 era inspired 3D platformer where a fisherman attempts to catch tasty ingredients for a struggling restaurant (called The Big Catch). … Read More

The Operator – Beta Demo

The Operator is a conspiracy-filled detective game where you work as a researcher for the “FDI” and assist agents in the field with their investigations.

In The Operator you are a new employee at the FDI (essentially the FBI), who is tasked with assisting field agents with their cases. The entire game is played via a desktop interface and when agents call up you get … Read More

Thank Goodness You’re Here! – Beta Demo

Thank Goodness You’re Here! is a very funny and utterly absurd hand-animated slapventure where you slap people, animals and things to help a bizarre little town prosper.

Taking place in the Yorkshire (Northern English) town of Barnsworth, in Thank Goodness You’re Here! you are a travelling salesman who’s been sent for a meeting with the mayor. However, the mayor isn’t ready for you so you … Read More

Forgotlings – Beta Demo

Forgotlings is a beautifully animated cinematic action adventure set in a magical land where forgotten objects come to life.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Kickstarter, Forgotlings is a beautiful hand-drawn action platforming adventure in a magical realm where forgotten objects from the human world search for their purpose. The game features a semi-open world and full voice acting as a forgotling posing … Read More

Beacon of Neyda – Beta Demo

Beacon of Neyda is a Kingdom inspired side-scrolling base-building strategy game set in a rusty post-apocalyptic world where a robot revolution failed.

In Beacon of Neyda you will explore, scavenge, repair important structures and build and upgrade your base in a post-apocalyptic world where creepy rusty robots attack in waves. The gameplay is similar to the Kingdom games, but there’s quite a lot more depth … Read More