Pigface – Alpha Demo

Pigface is a Saw inspired first person horror shooter where you arm yourself and blast your way through a deadly warehouse designed by a Jigsaw-esque captor.

In Pigface you have been kidnapped and locked up in a warehouse by a mysterious stranger. The stranger talks to you via TV screens and tells you to grab a weapon and start making your way through an enemy-filled … Read More

Pool of Madness – Alpha Demo

Pool of Madness is a Lovecraftian horror pool game where you attempt to perform an eldritch ritual by potting pool balls aboard a cursed ship.

Currently in development by Bit Golem (creators of Dagon) in Pool of Madness you find yourself aboard a ship and chained to a pool table. You play the game solo and have to pot a certain amount of green … Read More

Dreamsweeper – Alpha Demo

Dreamsweeper is a lo-fi fusion of dungeon crawling and Minesweeper, where you navigate dream worlds filled with your anxieties.

In Dreamsweeper you go to sleep while listening to music each night and you conquer your anxieties in your dreams. These dreams contain boobytrap-filled dungeons that you need to navigate by using numbers to figure out where the traps are (as in Minesweeper). As … Read More