Storyteller – Beta Demo

Storyteller is an inventive puzzle game where you place characters and backgrounds into comic-panels to allow you to tell different stories.

Currently in development by Daniel Benmergui, creator of Fidel Dungeon Rescue, Storyteller is a puzzle game where you create stories through a series of comic book panels. In each level you are given a selection of backgrounds and characters, then you place them in such a way as to match up with the title of the story.

So for instance, to tell the story of a tragedy, you need two characters to fall in love (which you do by placing them in the “propose” background, then you make one of them die by placing one on the gravestone of a death background.

The demo build of Storyteller features a good selection of levels and takes around 15 minutes to play through. Things start off fairly simply, but things get a lot more complex as more backgrounds and character types are introduced. It’s a lot of fun figuring out the correct solutions to the puzzles and it can also be a lot of fun getting them wrong.

It’s a very clever little puzzle game with intuitive gameplay, inventive puzzle design and a very charming and animated comic strip visual style. It’s amazing the variety of different stories you can tell with a handful of characters and a few comic book frames. Highly recommended.

Download The Storyteller Beta Demo Here

Download The Storyteller Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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