Perennial Order – Beta Demo

Perennial Order is a beautiful painterly boss-rush horror game where a plant-based knight battles nature-infested eldritch horrors.

Playable in single-player or local/online co-op, in Perennial Order you are a once dead knight who has been reborn into the world by a plant-based entity called the Monarch. You will now explore a world where nature has become infested with Eldritch horrors, where you’ll meet strange characters, learn lots of lore and earn new skills/perks. You’ll also battle 15 unique bosses in intense Titan Souls-esque battles where a single hit will kill you.

Created by one artist and one animator, the painterly world of Perennial Order is visually stunning and packed full of detail. Meanwhile, the lore is fascinating and the boss battles are epic feeling and challenging. The demo features three boss battles and by the end you’ll be dying for more, and to delve deeper into its mysterious nature-based Eldritch world. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Perennial Order Gameplay Video Here

Download The Perennial Order Beta Demo Here (Steam)