Midnight Special – Alpha Demo

Midnight Special is a Clock Tower inspired point and click horror adventure where things take a sinister turn when a babysitter is tasked with looking after kids in a creepy manor one night.

In Midnight Special you are Sarah, a young woman who has been tasked with babysitting Jon and Eli Boyd for a night. The manor is quite imposing and creepy, but Sarah’s worked … Read More

TrophyRC – Prototype Download

TrophyRC is a 1:10 scale remote control car game where you drive miniature off-road vehicles around challenging tracks.

In TrophyRC you will need to use precision driving to help you navigate tricky off-road courses with chunky little RC vehicles. The full version will feature multiplayer, more vehicle types, more trails, different vehicle scales and full vehicle customization. At the moment the prototype is a little … Read More

Prickle – Beta Demo

Prickle is a clever grid-based puzzle game where a daddy hedgehog attempts to get his prickly children back home.

The goal in each level of Prickle is to gather all you children and take them to the exit. When you make contact with one of your kids they permanently stick to you (or each other). You can then move and rotate everyone en masse, with … Read More