Pacific Drive – Beta Demo

Pacific Drive is a supernatural Sci-Fi survival game where you drive a station wagon around an exclusion zone filled with paranormal anomalies.

In Pacific Drive you are driving near an exclusion zone one day when a portal opens up and you’re sucked into an alternate reality, filled with strange paranormal occurrences. Thankfully you come across an old station wagon that should help you get around. It soon becomes apparent that it’s no normal car and it will be pivotal in your journey as you unravel the secrets of the zone and try to make your escape.

There are spooky elements of Pacific Drive, but it has more of a Ghostbusters vibe than being a full-on horror game. It is a full-on survival game though, with plenty of crafting options as you scavenge, create tools and upgrade your ride.

There’s a lot of content in the demo, with plenty to discover as you drive through the supernaturally ravaged wastelands. The car is integral to the gameplay and makes for a very different take on the survival genre, plus you get an excellent soundtrack to listen to while you drive too!

Download The Pacific Drive Beta Demo Here (Steam)