Kill It With Fire 2 – Beta Demo

Kill It With Fire 2 is a wonderfully chaotic physics-based extermination game where you attempt to eradicate spiders from the multiverse.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the multiplayer Beta, Kill It With Fire 2 now has a single player story demo available to all spider haters. After the events of the previous game you left Earth and figured that you’d never have to see another spider again. However, it seems the eight legged freaks have now invaded the entire multiverse. TIme to grab your tools and go back to work.

The Kill It With Fire 2 is a fun twist on the original game and really ups the ante in some great ways. The arachnids are as fun to splat as ever and there are plenty of different methods of dealing with them. Plus the demo also has the multiplayer mode if you fancy some PvP spider fun!

Download The Kill It With Fire 2 Beta Demo Here (Steam)