Fractal Sailor – Tech Demo

Fractal Sailor is an atmospheric horror game where you pilot a ship through a shifting fractal sea that;s home to a giant eldritch monster.

In Fractal Sailor you are a ship captain whose job is to refuel and reactivate the various stations that mine rare resources from the fractal sea. You can sail around in any direction (including vertically), and you use a radar pulse to locate the different stations. However, you’re not alone in there – there’s a giant Lovecraftian monster that’s attracted to your light.

The handling for the ship is currently a bit rough, the monster gets a little annoying after a while and it needs some more varied objectives, but considering it’s currently just a tech demo, it’s very impressive. The audio and visual design is superb – particularly the way that the fractals shift around. A beautiful and horrifying experience well worth setting sail with. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Fractal Sailor Gameplay Video Here

Download The Fractal Sailor Tech Demo Here (Windows & Mac)