Duckside – Beta Sign Up

Beta sign ups are now live for Duckside – a multiplayer PvPvE survival game that plays like a blend of DayZ and Rust, but with ducks!

In Duckside you ain’t no chicken, but you are a duck. To be more specific, you’re a duck who can use weapons, harvest resources, craft equipment and build shelters. This will come in handy as you and your buddies attempt to gather loot and protect it from any rival ducks out there who are up to fowl play (and any pesky humans who are out duck hunting).

It’s a wonderfully lighthearted take on the multiplayer survival genre that looks set to be more than just a novelty tame. The survival elements seem satisfying deep, the combat looks fun and being able to fly will allow for quick traversal and allow you to rain down bullets from above. Sign up for the Beta to test your fight or flight instincts!

Check Out Duckside On Steam Here

Sign Up For The Duckside Beta Here