Dr. Finklestein’s Marvelous Room – Beta Demo

Dr. Finklestein’s Marvelous Room is a bizarre and funny experimental game where the community gets to decide what gets put in a room to save the world.

In Dr. Finklestein’s Marvelous Room the Earth is in trouble – a massive cosmic entity that devours stars is headed straight for it. Thankfully though, all is not lost, an eccentric scientist called Dr. Finklestein has a plan. It’s not a plan that makes any sense, but at least it’s a plan and something to do rather than sitting about waiting for the world to end.

The plan involves placing 50 unique objects in a room and inspecting them to make sure they behave as expected. It’s your job to inspect these items, but it’s the community’s job to come up with ideas for what the items are. Needless to say they’re all pretty weird, apart from a block of cheese, which is actually just a block of cheese.

The Dr. Finklestein demo lets you examine a handful of the 50 planned objects and it’s a lot of fun. The writing is very funny and the various items are a testament to how wonderfully weird people’s imaginations can be. The chances of it saving the world from a cosmic monster are very slim, but you’ll have a blast trying. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Dr. Finklestein’s Marvelous Room Beta Demo Here (Steam)