Devil’s Hideout – Beta Demo

Devil’s Hideout is a creepy retro point and click adventure where you go in search of your missing sister in a haunted hospital.

In Devil’s Hideout you follow the story of Lauren – a young woman whose sister was reported to be dead. Upon visiting a reliable mystic, she learns that her sister may still be alive and that cultists may have staged her death for nefarious reasons. Lauren now teams up with a friend and goes in search of answers at a creepy hospital that’s home to dark spirits (and a fair few corpses).

Devil’s Hideout plays like a traditional point and click adventure, with you searching for useful items and clues and using them to solve puzzles. It’s got a very eerie atmosphere and the retro MS-DOS/PC-98 era visuals work really well. Meanwhile the puzzles are well designed, the UI is intuitive and the story promises to go to some dark places. A retro point and click horror game that doesn’t skimp on the horror

Download The Devil’s Hideout Beta Demo Here (Steam)