Chitin – Game Jam Build Download

Chitin is a short and intense creepy crawly horror FPS set in a building that’s infested with huge killer bugs.

Due to the time restraints of the game jam the game was created for, there’s not much in the way of a story in Chitin, but it essentially sees you trying to survive as you make your way through a bug-infested building. You have a revolver with infinite ammo, but it has a long reload time, so when you’re attacked by multiple bugs you’ll need to make every shot matter.

The bugs are fast and they can burst out of eggs when you’re near them so it makes for a tense experience. Taking damage causes bugs to start swarming across the screen, making it that much harder to spot any bugs lying in wait.

It has a few rough edges, but it’s a great little game that would be perfect for expanding into something larger. The atmosphere, the way the bugs move and the way the bugs run across the screen all work together to make your skin crawl as you play. A tense and terrifying insect blasting FPS that won’t bug you!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Chitin Here (Windows)