Metal Slug Tactics – Beta Demo

Metal Slug Tactics is an isometric turn-based tactics game with roguelite elements, which takes place in the Metal Slug universe.

In Metal Slug Tactics you will command iconic characters from the Metal Slug series as they go out on tactical missions to thwart Morden’s plans. The turn-based tactical gameplay is similar to X-Com, with your characters able to move and perform actions once per … Read More

Beacon of Neyda – Beta Demo

Beacon of Neyda is a Kingdom inspired side-scrolling base-building strategy game set in a rusty post-apocalyptic world where a robot revolution failed.

In Beacon of Neyda you will explore, scavenge, repair important structures and build and upgrade your base in a post-apocalyptic world where creepy rusty robots attack in waves. The gameplay is similar to the Kingdom games, but there’s quite a lot more depth … Read More

The Alters – Beta Demo

The Alters is a narrative-driven Sci-Fi survival adventure where you create alternate versions of yourself to build a crew that will help you escape an alien planet.

In The Alters your ship has crash-landed on an alien planet and you’re the only survivor. It’s a hostile place where even the rays of the sun can kill you, so you’ll need to be smart to survive … Read More

Tactical Breach Wizards – Beta Demo

Tactical Breach Wizards is a narrative-driven turn-based tactics gone set in a world of magic and modern-day weaponry.

In Tactical Breach Wizards you take command of a team of renegade wizards as they attempt to unravel a corporate conspiracy. This generally involves breaching various enemy strongholds and eliminating them with extreme prejudice.

Your wizards all have their own unique personalities and perks that can allow … Read More

Castle of Alchemists – Prologue

Castle of Alchemists features a fast paced fusion of tower defense, action RPG and top-down shooter gameplay as an alchemically advanced warrior defends a castle from enemy hordes.

In Castle of Alchemists you are Bellator, an enhanced super soldier who has one mission – make sure the castle doesn’t fall. You are the last line of defense and are a formidable fighter, but you won’t … Read More