Crypt Custodian – Beta Demo

Crypt Custodian is a top-down metroidvania adventure where a deceased cat is sentenced to clean in the afterlife forever.

In Crypt Custodian you are a cat who has recently died. You find yourself in the afterlife, and after accidentally annoying the person who decides whether you go to the good place or the bad place, you’re promptly sent off to the bad place. Not only … Read More

DRAKE – Open Beta

DRAKE is an isometric space western action RPG adventure that draws inspiration from The Mandalorian, Trigun and Firefly.

Aiming to deliver a modern twist on classic RPG gameplay, DRAKE features a cinematic story set in a space western universe and fast paced top-down shooter action. The levels are designed to allow for different play styles and character builds, whether you prefer stealth, puzzle solving, … Read More