Kickback – Beta Demo

Kickback is a biopunk roguelite top-down shooter where you can only move by using the recoil of your weapons.

In Kickback you pilot an organic combat vehicle that’s been heavily damaged so can now only move via the recoil of its own weaponry. You can equip different weapons to the left and right mouse button, each with different types of fire and recoil strengths. As … Read More

Hell Survivors – Open Beta

Hell Survivors is a Vampire Survivors style survival roguelite where you fight off massive waves for demons in Hell.

The core gameplay in Hell Survivors is pretty similar to Vampire Survivors – you attempt to last for 20 minutes against huge swarms of demons. As you progress you progress through upgrade trees, allowing you to create powerful builds. There are three heroes to choose from, … Read More

Ammo and Oxygen – Beta Demo

Ammo and Oxygen is a top-down Sci-Fi horror shooter with roguelike elements where you fight for survival on a deadly alien planet.

In Ammo and Oxygen you are stranded on Voidregula 6 – a planet that was in the first stages of terraforming and creating a human settlement. However, it seems that something has gone very wrong. Everyone’s dead and hostile aliens are everywhere. You’ll … Read More

CRETE – Alpha Playtest

CRETE is a third-person biopunk action game with roguelike elements, where you harvest DNA from god-like humanoids and use it to create powerful weapons.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, CRETE takes place on an alien planet that’s home to the Ancestors (similar to the Engineers in Prometheus). The Ancestors want to exterminate you so obviously you fight back and you’ll use … Read More

Sinus – Beta Demo

Sinus is a cyberpunk roguelite action RPG where you can capture your enemies and turn them into powerful allies.

In Sinus you will travel to different planets where you will fight enemies, hack robots, collect loot and find new crew members. Each of these crew members are playable, have unique skills and have their own backstory and reasons for putting an end to SINUS, humanity’s … Read More