WINCH IT OUT – Beta Demo

WINCH IT OUT is an off-road driving game that makes Happy Wheels-style physics-based driving a whole lot more complex and fun!

The 2D obstacle course racing gameplay in WINCH IT OUT is similar to Happy Wheels, but it’s not a simple gas-and-go game. Firstly you’ll need to manually change gears by dragging the gear stick with the mouse (low gear for uphill, highgear … Read More

Summer Trip Cruise – Beta Demo

Summer Trip Cruise is a simple looking, but deceptively tough sailing game where you attempt to pilot cruise ships around the coastlines of different countries without sinking them.

In each level of Summer Trip Cruise your goal is pretty simple – pilot a cruise ship around sunny holiday locations, stopping by the local landmarks so passengers can take pics along the way. However, the ship’s … Read More

Soil – Game Jam Build Download

Soil is a weird finger-twisting little claymation game where you press keys on your keyboard to push escaping clay-people back into the ground and create barriers to prevent them from escaping.

Created for the Firepit Game-a-Week jam, in Soil you are presented with a patch of soil with various yellow dots in it. The yellow dots are clay-people who try to burrow out of the … Read More

Keyball – Prototype Download

Keyball is an inventive QWOP-like multiplayer ball-game where you press the corresponding keys on the keyboard to knock the ball around the screen and towards your rival’s goal.

In Keyball players take control of opposing sides of a keyboard and press the corresponding keys to hit the ball around the screen. Pressing a key will cause that key to shoot out of the on-screen keyboard/arena … Read More

How I Learned to Skate – Beta Demo

How I Learned to Skate is a delightful and incredibly challenging top-down ice-skating game where you attempt to navigate a beautiful frozen lake without bumping into anything.

In How I Learned to Skate you control a little boy who is learning how to skate on a large frozen lake. The game features a semi-QWOP-like control scheme that allows you to control the movement of each … Read More