Boxes: Lost Fragments – Beta Demo

Boxes: Lost Fragments is a The Room inspired puzzle game where a legendary thief attempts to unlock a series of puzzle boxes in a mysterious mansion.

The gameplay in Boxes: Lost Fragments is similar to The Room games, but with a focus on shorter and more fast paced (but still satisfyingly intricate) puzzle boxes. You take on the role of a thief who has broken … Read More

Bounce Castle – Open Beta

Bounce Castle is a charming physics-based turn-based strategy game where you slam and smash enemies around the arena into deadly hazards.

The gameplay in Bounce Castle is a little like a more complex take on Bumpers & Broadswords. It’s a single-player game and sees you taking control of uniquely skilled units in different hazard-filled arenas.

The aim of each match is to eliminate the … Read More

Teeny Tiny Town – Beta Demo

Teeny Tiny Town is a charming and very addictive city building puzzle game where you combine objects to make more complex objects and make your city better.

The gameplay of Teeny Tiny Town is a little like 2048, but with you combining low poly resources rather than numbers. You have a rather compact grid to build your city in, and you are given a … Read More

Mizi NO! – Beta Demo

Mizi NO! is a charming little puzzle game where you attempt to repair all of the fragile objects that your cat has knocked over.

In Mizi NO! you are a cat owner whose cat loves nothing more than knocking things off tables (like most cats really). After watching your cat have fun knocking off each object, you are then presented with the pieces and have … Read More

Devil’s Hideout – Beta Demo

Devil’s Hideout is a creepy retro point and click adventure where you go in search of your missing sister in a haunted hospital.

In Devil’s Hideout you follow the story of Lauren – a young woman whose sister was reported to be dead. Upon visiting a reliable mystic, she learns that her sister may still be alive and that cultists may have staged her death … Read More