Freaked Fleapit – Beta Demo

Freaked Fleapit is a quirky and slightly horny rhythm-action dungeon crawler where you do a little dating and dance your way out of the nine circles of Hell.

The gameplay in Freaked Fleapit blends dungeon crawling, rhythm-action and dating, all wrapped up in a Helltaker-esque horny anime vibe. It appears you’ve died and gone to Hell (even though it wasn’t your time to die), so … Read More

ODDADA – Beta Demo

ODDADA is a delightfully odd music making game where you use a variety of toys and gadgets to craft your own little music tracks.

In ODDADA you will make music in a charmingly playful and very unconventional way. You drive a little toy train between a series of different little toys/gadgets, each of which you can play around with to create different tracks/samples that are … Read More

Super Crazy Rhythm Castle – Beta Demo

Super Crazy Rhythm Castle is a rhythm action puzzle platforming adventure where you overcome a king’s twisted challenges in a magical musical castle.

Playable in single-player or co-op with up to four players, in Super Crazy Rhythm Castle you set out to conquer a castle that’s filled with different types of musical challenges. There are some traditional Guitar Hero style conveyor belt button pressing sections, … Read More