Sorceress – Kickstarter Demo

Sorceress is a spellcasting first person action adventure where a powerful sorceress attempts to escape from a castle that’s home to a coven of evil witches.

In Sorceress you are a young sorceress who snuck into a castle belonging to The Sulgeri Witches. You were caught and now need to escape, but you’ll not only have to deal with the Witches’ minions, but a powerful … Read More

Rain In The Abyss – Kickstarter Demo

Rain In The Abyss is a pixel art metroidvania with horror elements where you set out into a world of beauty and magic to try and save your water-dependent tribe from a drought.

In Rain In The Abyss an ancestral prophecy has come true and unleashed a terrible drought upon your people. As you are the only one of your tribe that doesn’t need water … Read More

Greenlander – Kickstarter Demo

Greenlander is a brutal top-down Hotline Miami-esque action game where a Norse settler wreaks revenge on sea pirates that destroyed his home.

In Greenlander you step into the shoes of a Norseman who returned to his home in Greenland to find that it had been destroyed by sea pirates. You’ll now draw on the wrath of your Viking ancestors and leave a trail of … Read More

Judero – Kickstarter Demo

Judero is a delightfully weird stop-motion styled narrative driven action adventure that draws inspiration from Scottish folklore.

In Judero you step into the shoes of a Celt who can harness the power of nature and uses their abilities to help others. However, there’s an evil force that’s corrupting the land and it’s up to you to stop it.

As you explore Judero‘s whimsical stop-motion … Read More

Rebel Transmute – Kickstarter Demo

Rebel Transmute is a Metroid inspired 2D open world action adventure where you search for your mother on a planet filled with living robots and giant bugs.

In Rebel Transmute you are a space scrapper who has set out to a remote planet to discover the fate of her mother. An incident occured on the planet many years ago while her mother was stationed there … Read More