Metal Slug Tactics – Beta Demo

Metal Slug Tactics is an isometric turn-based tactics game with roguelite elements, which takes place in the Metal Slug universe.

In Metal Slug Tactics you will command iconic characters from the Metal Slug series as they go out on tactical missions to thwart Morden’s plans. The turn-based tactical gameplay is similar to X-Com, with your characters able to move and perform actions once per … Read More

Thank Goodness You’re Here! – Beta Demo

Thank Goodness You’re Here! is a very funny and utterly absurd hand-animated slapventure where you slap people, animals and things to help a bizarre little town prosper.

Taking place in the Yorkshire (Northern English) town of Barnsworth, in Thank Goodness You’re Here! you are a travelling salesman who’s been sent for a meeting with the mayor. However, the mayor isn’t ready for you so you … Read More

Cave Hikers – Beta Demo

Cave Hikers is a quirky point and click hidden object adventure that follows some bizarre cave-dwelling creatures in a mockumentary.

Taking the form of a pretend wildlife documentary, Cave Hikers follows the adventure of a band of oddball creatures as they travel through a vast cavern system in search of the mythical “cave with the infinite ceiling”. To do this they’ll need supplies and equipment … Read More

Forgotlings – Beta Demo

Forgotlings is a beautifully animated cinematic action adventure set in a magical land where forgotten objects come to life.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Kickstarter, Forgotlings is a beautiful hand-drawn action platforming adventure in a magical realm where forgotten objects from the human world search for their purpose. The game features a semi-open world and full voice acting as a forgotling posing … Read More

Beacon of Neyda – Beta Demo

Beacon of Neyda is a Kingdom inspired side-scrolling base-building strategy game set in a rusty post-apocalyptic world where a robot revolution failed.

In Beacon of Neyda you will explore, scavenge, repair important structures and build and upgrade your base in a post-apocalyptic world where creepy rusty robots attack in waves. The gameplay is similar to the Kingdom games, but there’s quite a lot more depth … Read More