Abiotic Factor – Beta Demo

Abiotic Factor is a multiplayer survival horror crafting adventure with a sense of humor, set in a paranormal containment facility that’s had a containment failure.

Playable in single-player or with up to six players online, in Abiotic Factor you take on the role of a new recruit at an Australian paranormal containment facility. On your very first day the facility experiences a containment failure and … Read More

Kill It With Fire 2 – Beta Demo

Kill It With Fire 2 is a wonderfully chaotic physics-based extermination game where you attempt to eradicate spiders from the multiverse.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the multiplayer Beta, Kill It With Fire 2 now has a single player story demo available to all spider haters. After the events of the previous game you left Earth and figured that you’d never have … Read More

Secret Agent No. 6 – Alpha Demo

Secret Agent No. 6 is a Goldeneye inspired retro FPS with horror elements, which sees a legendary secret agent attempting to bring down a terrorist organization.

In Secret Agent No. 6 you will travel to different locations around the world and complete missions to bring down a terrorist organization. The gameplay and visual style is very much inspired by Goldeneye, with N64 styled visuals … Read More

Devil’s Hideout – Beta Demo

Devil’s Hideout is a creepy retro point and click adventure where you go in search of your missing sister in a haunted hospital.

In Devil’s Hideout you follow the story of Lauren – a young woman whose sister was reported to be dead. Upon visiting a reliable mystic, she learns that her sister may still be alive and that cultists may have staged her death … Read More

This House is Not a Home – Alpha Demo

This House is Not a Home is a very stylish psychological horror game where an office worker is confronted by a horned monster that attacks his insecurities.

Still images of This House is Not a Home make it look like a PC-98 era visual novel, but in reality all the scenes are 3D and you can move around them like a traditional dungeon crawler. The … Read More