Looped – Beta Demo

Looped is a surreal hand-animated interactive adventure where two lovers get trapped in a time-loop.

Based on the short story of the same name, in Looped you follow the story of two lovers whose love is so powerful that it opens a wormhole through time. They’re now trapped in a time-loop and need to find a way out of it. Their story will take them … Read More

Thank Goodness You’re Here! – Beta Demo

Thank Goodness You’re Here! is a very funny and utterly absurd hand-animated slapventure where you slap people, animals and things to help a bizarre little town prosper.

Taking place in the Yorkshire (Northern English) town of Barnsworth, in Thank Goodness You’re Here! you are a travelling salesman who’s been sent for a meeting with the mayor. However, the mayor isn’t ready for you so you … Read More

Freaked Fleapit – Beta Demo

Freaked Fleapit is a quirky and slightly horny rhythm-action dungeon crawler where you do a little dating and dance your way out of the nine circles of Hell.

The gameplay in Freaked Fleapit blends dungeon crawling, rhythm-action and dating, all wrapped up in a Helltaker-esque horny anime vibe. It appears you’ve died and gone to Hell (even though it wasn’t your time to die), so … Read More

Owl Observatory – Beta Demo

Owl Observatory is an absurd horror comedy point and click adventure about a peculiar owlish gentleman who traps you in his mansion.

A prequel to the superb Dinner With An Owl, Owl Observatory puts you in the shoes of a renowned astronomer called Tycho Brahe, who (along with some other guests) has been invited to the residence of Mr Brooks. There’s something strange about … Read More

PINEAPPLE: A Bittersweet Revenge – Beta Demo

PINEAPPLE: A Bittersweet Revenge is a quirky hand-animated narrative-driven adventure where you set out to get revenge on a school bully in some charmingly inventive ways.

In PINEAPPLE: A Bittersweet Revenge a mean girl at school (and her friends) have been making your life hell. You now decide to make a stand as you investigate her, discover her secrets and use them to get pineapple-themed … Read More