I Am Your Beast – Beta Demo

I Am Your Beast is a brutal and fast paced revenge thriller FPS where a retired covert agent doesn’t take kindly to being told what to do by his former bosses.

In I Am Your Beast you are a former agent of the Covert Operations Initiative who has been retired for the last six years and has a peaceful life off the grid. However, your … Read More

Tower of Mask – Beta Demo

Tower of Mask features a unique fusion of tile-based first person dungeon crawling and survival horror as you explore a labyrinth filled with strange masks.

The tile-based dungeon crawling in Tower of Mask draws inspiration from classics like Eye of the Beholder. However, the movement is more fluid and you have free control of the camera so it almost feels like a first person … Read More

Project Tower – Alpha Demo

Project Tower is a third person Sci-Fi shooter where you can transform into alien creatures as you fight your way up to the top of a mysterious alien tower.

In Project Tower aliens have invaded Earth and enslaved humanity. You are one of the survivors who is a prisoner that’s forced to fight their way to the top of a giant tower with a promise … Read More

Athanasia – Alpha Demo

Athanasia is a retro styled horror FPS with immersive sim elements, where you battle time travelling dinosaurs and prehistoric beasts in a mysterious facility.

In Athanasia you are a researcher and explorer who has been called out to investigate a secret facility in South America. You soon find that most of the staff are dead and the facility is overrun with prehistoric creatures It seems … Read More

WRECK – Alpha Demo

WRECK is a brutal voxel-based FPS where you can destroy anything in the game and blast enemies through walls.

In WRECK you’re an agent who is sent out on missions to eliminate targets. The game plays a little like a first person Hotline Miami, with fast-paced gameplay and non-reloading guns. The hook is the voxel-based environmental destruction though – you can punch or shoot … Read More