Stunt Paradise – Beta Demo

Stunt Paradise is a Trials-esque extreme driving game where you race cars and perform epic stunts on spectacular shifting tracks.

The obstacle course style gameplay of Stunt Paradise is fondly reminiscent of Trials, but rather than bikes you use high performance vehicles. There’s also a touch more speed in Stunt Paradise and a real sense of spectacle – with plenty of explosions, shifting … Read More

Victory Heat Rally – Beta Demo

Victory Heat Rally is a high speed retro arcade racer where you powerslide cute little chibi cars around twisty tracks.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer three years ago, Victory Heat Rally is a good old fashioned Sega Super Scaler style racing game. It draws inspiration from classics like OutRun and Sega Rally, and has a power-slide drive system similar to Mario KartRead More

DEATHGRIP – Alpha Demo

DEATHGRIP is a Star Wars Episode 1: Racer inspired Sci-Fi combat racing game where players race at break-neck speeds through deadly tracks.

In DEATHGRIP you’ll be able to jump into eight unique vehicles and compete in Time Trial and Combat Races that draw inspiration from Episode 1: Racer and WipEout. You race at high speeds around natural environments that are filled with deadly turns, … Read More