Nocturnals – Alpha Demo

Nocturnals is a touching and incredibly brutal TellTale Walking Dead style first person narrative driven adventure about survival and companionship in a post-apocalyptic rural town.

In Nocturnals you are a teenage boy called Ted, who is struggling to survive in the abandoned town of Ruddleside after alien monsters (called Nocturnals) have sent humanity into hiding. The full game will see you finding companionship (and perhaps … Read More

Nirvana Noir – Beta Demo

Nirvana Noir is a stylish and surreal narrative-driven adventure set where you attempt to save two very different parallel realities.

The story of Nirvana Noir follows on from the events of Genesis Noir and explores two different realities – one called where No Man prevented the death of his lover and one where he stopped the affair before the fatal gunshot. One reality is called … Read More

Wax Heads – Beta Demo

Wax Heads is a hand-drawn cozy-punk slice-of-life adventure where you work at a record store, help customers find what they want and uncover lots of band drama.

In Wax Heads you are a new employee at an independently owned record store. The owner used to be in a band herself, but the band broke up years ago. Your main job is to help your customers … Read More

Zero Protocol – Alpha Demo

Zero Protocol is a first person Sci-Fi survival horror adventure set in an Antarctic research facility that’s been overrun with infected humans and other freaky anomalies.

Drawing inspiration from System Shock, Half Life and Zero Tolerance, Zero Protocol sees you waking up in a research facility where a catastrophic event has occurred. It seems that the majority of the employees are either dead or … Read More