Mullet Mad Jack – Beta Demo

Mullet Mad Jack is an adrenaline-fuelled 80’s/90’s anime inspired roguelite FPS where you need a hit of dopamine every 10 seconds or you’ll die.

Playing like an anime-filled fusion of Crank and [Post Void], Mullet Mad Jack is a very fast-paced FPS where you need to keep moving and killing or you’ll die. You’re tasked with saving a kidnapped influencer who is being held … Read More

This House is Not a Home – Alpha Demo

This House is Not a Home is a very stylish psychological horror game where an office worker is confronted by a horned monster that attacks his insecurities.

Still images of This House is Not a Home make it look like a PC-98 era visual novel, but in reality all the scenes are 3D and you can move around them like a traditional dungeon crawler. The … Read More

Vapor World: Over The Mind – Kickstarter Demo

Vapor World: Over The Mind is a visually stunning hand-painted soulslike action adventure set in a world where trauma is devouring a lost mind.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in January, Vapor World: Over The Mind is a 2D soulslike adventure with beautiful hand-painted visuals and tactical parry-focused combat. You take on the role of an Extractor whose job is to enter the … Read More

Europa – Beta Demo

Europa is a beautiful exploration adventure where an android explores a fallen utopia and discovers the story of the last living human.

In Europa you are an android named Zee, who has travelled to the moon of Europa in search of answers. The moon was terraformed by humanity, but the civilization of mankind has long since fallen and now it’s populated by wildlife and lush … Read More

Deep State – Pre-Alpha Demo

Deep State is a Goldeneye and Deus-Ex inspired tactical FPS where a botched mission in a black site unleashes untold horrors upon the world.

In Deep State you are an ex-CIA operative whose partner died during a mission in a black site in Afghanistan four years ago. The black site was up to some VERY shady experiments that created grotesque monsters. Now it seems your … Read More