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Biography of the ninth Prince

Biography of the ninth Prince

Biography of the ninth Prince

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    Biography of the ninth Prince
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2023-05-14 18:19:32
I was born a scholar Lang, but I was born in the emperor's house by mistake I've read many books and know thousands of words. If I'm too ordinary, I'll teach some Mongolian children, listen to music at leisure, and find some friends to peek at whose girl looks good it's too tired to fight at the end of the world; Drunken, too noisy; Push the cup back, too swollen; Looking back, I saw a king of heaven. A good head is worth thousands of gold. It's still too annoying it's a long way to go. I know that there is a high mountain in the depths of the Caohai, which has been snowed for thousands of years. Behind the 100000 mountains, there is a sky fire covered by earth dragons. The size of the world is just a chessboard. There are confidants and hundreds of scholars. It's rare to be quiet at a moment. Then join the fun and play chess. When the flowers bloom in spring, see if the jar of wine buried under the Begonia tree when you were young is ripe.

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