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Kyoto Shenyin love story

Kyoto Shenyin love story

Kyoto Shenyin love story

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    Kyoto Shenyin love story
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    Yu HaiYe moon
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    Weixin Book
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2022-06-15 19:31:21
The land of that world is empty and desolate zonggu Fangming got into it by mistake and narrowly escaped the day of his birth, and those inhuman things always wanted to catch him back wandering around the world, being taken in by female high school students, being watched by witches, and being closely monitored by green plum with an actual age of four digits... He just wants to stay away from the world invisible to ordinary people however... ["fighting against fate is also a part of fate."] it always backfires ["zonggu, come here and let me touch it."] ["self discipline is the way to be healthy."] ["..."] they want to catch him, as well as them.

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