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Jihad invincible

Jihad invincible

Jihad invincible

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    Jihad invincible
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    Fengling leaves fall
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    Health Books
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2022-05-20 14:09:20
The universe has evolved in chaos. Gods, demons and demons were born. In order to fight for the Lord of the universe, the three fought continuously. Finally, the demon family rose. The combination of gods and demons is not an opponent. The universe has become a purgatory and a slave of the demon family finally, the strong Protoss get the divine treasure chaotic bead, which can absorb the energy of all things and convert it into spiritual Qi. Therefore, the strong Protoss creates a set of divine formula skill "chaotic divine determination" with the help of chaotic beads. With the powerful skill, the strong Protoss becomes the first strong in the world, defeats the demon family and seals the demon family. Who controls the chaotic bead from then on, Who is the God of the world? Because of the seal of the demon family, the God consumes too many yuan gods, leaving behind hidden diseases and the state continues to deteriorate the strong are ready to fight for the chaotic bead and inherit the throne of God. God knows that I don't have much time. If I fall, people will cause blood for the chaotic bead, and the seal of the demon family can only last for 100000 years at most. Finally, the God chooses to escape into the void, hide himself and leave a word to the people, 100000 years later "The Lord is here, the devil returns" The whereabouts of chaos beads have never been known. after 100000 years, chaos beads were acquired by a pit father boy. Since then, chaos beads have embarked on the road of counter attack, and wonderful stories have begun. this book contains stories of crossing, rebirth, endless opportunities, all-round talents, counter attack, invincible, pit father, funny, beautiful women and life experience, integrating all advantages and only passion.

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