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Panic: a special place

Panic: a special place

Panic: a special place

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    Panic: a special place
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    Why not
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    Long Novel
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2022-01-14 22:04:53
There is a city in the world, which is full of opportunities and wealth. Some people call the wind and rain after going out from here, and some become rich among them, science and technology are far superior to the outside world. It is called the capital of killing and logging by villains and the dream city by the rich Lu Jiangchen came here because of an accident. He almost died and got the system. From then on, he opened the road to fame later, because there was too much deforestation, in order to get rid of the spirit of deforestation, he chose to go out of the city anonymously and live in an ordinary city outside as an ordinary person you can fulfill your wishes and get involved in accidents