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This script is absolutely wrong

This script is absolutely wrong

This script is absolutely wrong

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    This script is absolutely wrong
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2022-01-14 11:38:16
I thought I was lucky because I became a jumper and would start a crazy life like many of my predecessors however, less than a year later, I was slapped by reality, because this is an abnormal world, and I behaved normally. I succeeded in harvesting a "acute transient mental disorder card" before I was one year old... later, I thought I was lucky, because my golden finger arrived and I could cross the world through it, Open the door to the fate of myth however, I failed again, because the world behind the door is still so crazy - QB, the incubator behind the scenes, has become the world's top food ingredient; Cute Q Meng's Baoke dream and bloody and dirty zombies have reached a conceptual replacement; The reason why zombies fight with plants is no longer to want to eat their brains, but to protect their brains... although all this still has the shadow of the past, it has lost its original taste... it can only be said that everything is a time minister... No... everything is the fault of the world!

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