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Song chief player

Song chief player

Song chief player

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    Song chief player
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    Weixin Book
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2022-08-17 20:55:48
In the last years of the Northern Song Dynasty, the soul penetrated the base in a muddle headed way at that time, Jin Bing went south and went over the three towns in Hebei to Tokyo left the throne and enjoyed a lifetime of Daojun emperor running away all night... wise and divine emperor system Zhao Huan: BBBBBB... " Zhao Huan of the sacrifice system activates the picture of the river during the Qingming Festival , summon thousands of players! when the fourth disaster came, Zhao Huan suddenly found out. everything was running in a direction he had never imagined... obviously, what I want to give you is the ancient style + martial arts experience. because Mao is crazy, he will empty LV1's internal power instantly and play the "giant sword" of old Han devil "? those who want to be the pirate king, stop! if you don't take the imperial edict, remember to convince people with reason and win the culture. Infrastructure crazy demons, stop for me... If this goes on, the landlords will abandon the wasteland and go into the city! Nvzhen and Mongolia, who have been brushed to the Siberian wasteland by the player, see GAODA driven by internal power and rush to the sky

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