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When the patriotic goddess of war is bound to the love system

When the patriotic goddess of war is bound to the love system

When the patriotic goddess of war is bound to the love system

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    When the patriotic goddess of war is bound to the love system
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    Dong Xiaobai
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    Free Novel!
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2022-06-23 15:05:12
[my heart is to the motherland, like the sun, the moon and the stars, never setting!] downing is the female god of war in the future world. She walked through the sea of blood and led the children of Xia to resist the invasion of foreign enemies. When the war was about to win, her fleet was hit. One second before her sacrifice, she bound the "long live love" system to rely on love to attack all kinds of men to complete the task what the system doesn't know is that even in different time and space and in different backgrounds, there is only one thing that can awaken Downing's enthusiasm -- the motherland needs me 1. During the famine, Downing was a woman who was sold by half a bag of corn noodles. She would be abused in the house of a fool who could eat enough and eventually die of childbirth -- go out of the mountains, study hard, develop high-yield crops and hand them over to the country to lead the people out of famine 2. Doctor Tang, who was ignored by his husband and provoked by Xiao San, ended up in disgrace and kicked out in order to protect his family -- go to the battlefield, go all out to treat the soldiers who shed blood for the motherland, and devote their lifelong skills to the places where the motherland needs most 3. Bai Fumei, who is infatuated with the scum man, went bankrupt and disfigured herself in order to pursue love by all means -- sorry, I am a brick of the motherland. I want to keep my money and my face to make more money and contribute to the scientific research of the motherland 4. Born in an aristocratic family, he has become a booster of love between men and women, a poor man who is loved but not loved by public opinion -- downing made an amazing debut with the latest fighter! Vast blue sky, broad universe, let me soar... long live love. Downing's belief from beginning to end is long live the motherland!

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