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Artificial parallel world

Artificial parallel world

Artificial parallel world

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    Artificial parallel world
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    A Mu's short stories
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    Woske Novel
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2021-11-28 20:12:30
In the 22nd century, the degree of ecosystem damage has reached a crisis moment. The plan of emigrating to the earth has failed again and again. The "enterprisers" can only take a moderate attitude. When the government's leading direction is no longer to blindly pay close attention to Aerospace Science and technology, a group of people who voluntarily return to the living conditions of people in the Tang Dynasty quietly rise to the "Tang Dynasty home" established in Kunxi the Tang Dynasty banned modern science and technology with an environmentally friendly lifestyle. The cultural value of the Tang Dynasty banned modern entertainment. Open tourism resources make up for the backward productivity. After the rise, major organizations quickly established their homes in the song, yuan and Qing Dynasties. Returning to the living state of each dynasty has become a popular entertainment yearning in society. The simultaneous appearance of various dynasties is called "artificial level world" Chen Xiangsi and Chen en, a pair of lovers who abandoned the times, opened the era of "home in the Tang Dynasty" by what chance~

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