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Bai Lingjiang

Bai Lingjiang

Bai Lingjiang

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    Bai Lingjiang
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    Autumn is pleasant
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    Mountain Book
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2021-11-25 16:42:04
It is said that there is a different dimensional world Wulin connected with the original world of the dimensional world. Almost everyone there has martial arts. In the original world, everyone yearns for Wulin, but everyone is afraid of it. Song Yingying, a Wulin girl framed by zongmen, is unwilling to die because of her blood feud. She reincarnates with art to the original world and knows the original girl Li Yixuan. By chance, song Yingying took Li Yixuan back to Wulin to meet her senior brother Bing Ling. A Jianghu storm opened the prelude with their arrival

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