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Mechanical abyss

Mechanical abyss

Mechanical abyss

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    Mechanical abyss
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    Lowest glacier
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    Daily Novel
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2021-11-24 21:55:04
Ksuru, cyberpunk, Steampunk Su mu, the transgressor, the son of aristocracy, the patient with severe soul division, and the greatest explorer of the mechanical city what? You said he almost destroyed the world that's the abyss, the Nara abyss where all mysteries are buried no one can refuse this temptation unless... Su Mu: "give up being a man!" Su Mu: "human beings have limits!" people roared: "I believe you are a ghost!" Su Mu's stall stood up, his eyes glowed red, and countless alchemists stood behind him one person is the Legion... etheric engine, airship, differential machine, alchemy doll... Old God, refining array, completing plan, apocalypse, seven sins... abyss conclave, dead Whisperer, alchemist, great sin Church... machinery, alchemy, abyss relics, blood contract, automatic doll, mystery... ... welcome to the abyss.

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