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E-sports: light in adversity

E-sports: light in adversity

E-sports: light in adversity

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    E-sports: light in adversity
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    Last year's tide
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    Hotel novel
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2021-11-24 09:58:25
In 2060 ad, the online game "Tianlu" was born and quickly swept the world with its excellent playing methods one year later, clubs and professional leagues have been established all over the world the following year, under the official organization of Tianlu, the World League started. In order to win the world championship and win the Golden Dragon cup, World League teams have been established all over the world in 2069, the 19-year-old captain of the domestic league champion team and a group of early gods retired for some reason, and many strong domestic teams were reorganized over the years since then, almost all domestic teams have been defeated in the World League group matches, and the competition officials will also plan to reduce the number of teams participating in domestic regions our story starts from the most confused and depressed time in the history of domestic E-sports "there's no hope this year. Come back next year! You're the only one on the court. One against three, what will you win!" "I'll try."

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