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I can steal all skills

I can steal all skills

I can steal all skills

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    I can steal all skills
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    Idle cloud pen
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    Hotel novel
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2022-09-22 20:42:00
Huo Xiu, who has obtained the inheritance of hunting and stealing, can obtain endless skills in the world without hard cultivation and become a peerless strong man after a few eyes, he steals the enemy's skill [dragon tongue like the wind] and becomes a marksman after only touching it twice, he stole the powerful array and became an array master worshipped by thousands of people you can steal the sabre skills of all parties after only going to the military camp. You don't have to force yourself to practice and become the first person in Sabre skills because they are too excellent, they are favored by the Pearl of all sects. At the same time of dating, the family background of each sect is completely stolen by Huo Xiu, and has been spread to be the genius with the highest learning talent through the ages each time you steal a skill, your accomplishments will be automatically increased therefore, Huo Xiu became the genius who practiced fastest and mastered most skills in thousands of years Huo Xiu only needs to go around and have tea and chat with the strong to overcome the barriers and difficulties the enemy countries that tried to invade saw Huo Xiu and killed themselves. Enemy: "if you can't escape, let's end it." even Huo Xiu himself sometimes admires himself: "it's too strong."

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