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Your highness, please don t block my peach blossom

Your highness, please don t block my peach blossom

Your highness, please don t block my peach blossom

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    Your highness, please don t block my peach blossom
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    Handwritten Cherry Blossom
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    Cook Books
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2021-11-25 15:33:39
It is well known that the Regent of Yu Kingdom tried his best just to hug the waist of the eldest lady of the Shen family SHEN Chan took Luo Ming off 12 times, and he married Shen Chan 13 times it is said that the Yu family are all in love, the throne does not want, the children do not want, and the wife can't do it when he meets her, Luo Ming's eyes can't hold any more "subvert the imperial platform. I'll give you the peace and prosperity you want." - ⊙ strangers are like jade, and the childe is unparalleled in the world. When Chang'an wears white clothes and opens his hat, he amazes the women in the whole capital ⊙ Zheng Yaowen, the richest young master in the capital, is funny, protects his weaknesses and looks evil. He is a noble childe that girls want to cling to "Your Highness, get out of the way and block my peach blossom" it's not easy to marry a daughter-in-law who thinks of red apricots all day, Murder your husband, seize the throne and cover the court do you dare to take such a daughter-in-law Luo Ming smiled faintly, "I like her like this" The Regent king has a long way to chase his wife it's good to marry a daughter-in-law. She is devoted to her career "have you ever loved me for such a long time" he said he knew everything, but he was the stupidest person in the world [this is a story of a princess and a prince who usurped the throne together, but finally felt that the dynasty was boring and threw it to the young Douding who was not yet grown up, and they went to seclusion in the mountains and forests together]

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