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Legend of the temple of Harry Potter

Legend of the temple of Harry Potter

Legend of the temple of Harry Potter

Rating: 9 / 10 from 4252 ratings
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    Legend of the temple of Harry Potter
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    Zero degree Sirius
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    Sky Book
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2022-09-05 05:41:46
Fifteen hundred years ago, Merlin chose to leave the temple for inheritance in order to resist the renewed attack of the dark forces. Fifteen hundred years later, a young man came from a different world, but he was involved in all kinds of disputes what? Dumbledore wants me to destroy the Horcrux? Sorry, I keep it for a big use what? Voldemort wants to be my brother? Sorry, I don't get along with people without noses grindworth was so happy that he taught me his favorite gas stove magic Slytherin said he was helpless and thought about how to spread this thing ------ the writing is hot and the plot is vulgar. Gryffindor cuts into the secret room. The update is unstable. The author is irritable and doesn't like to read. But please don't be weird in the comment area.

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