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World cloth demon

World cloth demon

World cloth demon

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    World cloth demon
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    52weixin Books
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2022-05-25 13:34:13
I am a great saint of the demon family, happy and carefree between heaven and earth greedy treasure is trapped and hard hit. A little light can escape from the world humanity is flourishing, there are a large number of Tianjiao, and the demon family is weak. They can only be driven to the frontier wasteland with poor environment by human friars the demon clan has great ability to deduce the secret of heaven. It is learned that a treasure from Outland has come. Those who get this treasure will prosper the clan the three saints of the demon family poured out [this object can be connected to Outland blue stars, and the host can summon a special existence named "player". There is no bottleneck in player's cultivation, and... The soul will not die and come back from the dead!] listening to the voice in his mind, the great sage Qingtian, who doesn't hesitate to destroy the demon body and scatter his cultivation achievements for his baby, muttered, "I must be full of demon clan in this world!" "demon clan should be popular!!!"

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