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Blood candle Castle disciple

Blood candle Castle disciple

Blood candle Castle disciple

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    Blood candle Castle disciple
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    Le Xiaoyun
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    Read Novel Free
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2021-12-01 00:36:28
I seem to be watched by death д )... Then it seems that I accidentally destroyed the world w () Д ) w... But now I don't know what happened!!! O (≥ mouth ≤) O solve the most difficult game, burn the most brain, ride the most fierce ancient god and pour the most cruel mold. Behind the daily sand sculptures of girls without drama essence is the suffering and survival history of thousands of universe and endless civilization in the blood candle castle, a secret school for cultivating gods, depravity entangles sanctity, reason distorts madness, and the world has declared war on the gods. main plot + brain hole of the devil + wits + rigorous logical reasoning + deceit + female control + ambiguous without CP + mysticism + quasi infinite flow + Lovecraft style + doomsday + College . the jumpy Le Xiaoyun is burning your brain with strange stories again. Ow ~ [Special evil] . Xiaoyun is permanent at www

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