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Dimension ERODER

Dimension ERODER

Dimension ERODER

Rating: 9 / 10 from 5202 ratings
  • Alternative names:

    Dimension ERODER
  • Author:

    Cruel toilet paper angel
  • Genre:

  • Source:

    Ethical Novel
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When the main god space went bankrupt, innocent people with their own heritage ate melon white waves and were summoned to the parallel universe "fire paradise" as a "beautifully packaged gift box" after forced entry and Asian descent matching, he evolved from a group of express packaging into an excellent tool man who can die repeatedly. In order to survive, he began his legendary career of asking for salary in super time and space travel through different time and space to fight against all abnormalities and uncleanness for the paradise. Burn sacrifices, obtain embers, and continue to crusade against the larger pollution source after krypton gold because of this, tool man Bai Lang is crazy about salary King (performance)... "spread the fire?" "this fire is mine Don't preach! "" muaa~, the ember is really fragrant! "" paradise! That salary king is worth burning! "" as long as it is a living thing, even God will burn it to you! "" give you another chance to organize your language and say loudly, 'brother Lang, I want to be a salary king!' " "In my shadow, everything becomes ashes! If there is nothing to stop or disobey, I will be a catastrophe!"

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