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The pet teacher is no longer a person

The pet teacher is no longer a person

The pet teacher is no longer a person

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    The pet teacher is no longer a person
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    Chiding River boy
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    Sky Book
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2022-06-29 12:18:33
Huck, an ordinary husky, is the only family accompanying Shi Jin, an orphan however, Huck is very old. He is no longer as energetic and energetic as before Huck is dying of old age. Shi Jin doesn't want to lose his last remaining family "I will find a way to save you, Huck!" Shi Jin promised... "[war], [shield], [stab], [gun], [art] and [Auxiliary] are six branches, and there are tens of thousands of extraordinary occupations in human beings. " the nurturing teacher belongs to [Auxiliary] The branch is an extraordinary professional of logistics assistance specialized in cultivating pets. It has multiple pet contracts and the unique professional characteristics of cultivating ordinary animal contracts into extraordinary pets. It can have professional skills specialized in assisting and cultivating pets: [recovery space], [analysis of spirit animals], [pet raising ceremony], [synaesthesia connection], [exclusive fetter], [armed dependence] [emergency recall], [coordination field], [superior call], [transfinite fusion]. " -- basic directory of extraordinary profession ... in order to transfer to become a pet teacher and save Huck, Shi Jin tried his best to operate it. then, the gifted system exploded. [your race has been changed to shrem. I wish you a better history.] well, it's not a big problem. It's OK for the pet breeder to be a shrem dog Knight part-time! ... this book: the secrets of no female owner, system flow, overhead alien world, pet cultivation, extraordinary evolution, dual identity and not being human

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