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After breaking up, Lord Lu kept spoiling me

After breaking up, Lord Lu kept spoiling me

After breaking up, Lord Lu kept spoiling me

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    After breaking up, Lord Lu kept spoiling me
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    Always promise
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2022-08-06 05:04:24
[lazy white cut black school grass x ruanmeng road crazy primary school slag] after Yu Zhenjiang made a big fuss to find Yu Mian a little mother, Yu Mian was packaged and "exiled" to Liancheng everyone is ready to see the jokes of the once spoiled little princess as a result, the news that came from time to time was like this: "Miss Yu became a school flower!" "Miss Yu's achievements have made rapid progress, which is enough to meet the threshold of going to Beijing University!" "Miss Yu's uncle's family has been promoted to Beijing!" in a good situation, there was always an unexpected gossip "It's said that the miss of the Yu family fell in love with the poor boy at school and was dumped!" as a result, before the laughter of the jealous people fell, a more powerful news spread. "Tianheng noble, many people want to curry favor with the poor boy. The successor of Lu Jiaxin is the poor boy!" Not only that, the heir of the Lu family, who was highly praised by everyone, also strongly roasted Miss Yu family around her and tried to get back together. "it's not the past, but I still love you."

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