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Cealess happiness: Princess Royal s thousand years old

Cealess happiness: Princess Royal s thousand years old

Cealess happiness: Princess Royal s thousand years old

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    Cealess happiness: Princess Royal s thousand years old
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    Double three
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    18ws Read
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2022-06-23 18:37:22
"Look at Biluo, the water is vast." this poem is the words he never forgets to murmur when he is confused and haggard. If he could do it again, he vowed that he would rather let go than allow her to jump down the abyss - "yang'er, you are back!" "one worship of heaven and earth" "two worship of the high hall" "husband and wife worship" Qi chao's first queen who almost called the imperial doctor because she was waiting for bed: "Luo Yinli, you rascal!" "do you know you are praising other men in front of your husband?" "you are jealous?" "I am the son of heaven, how can I be jealous with my ministers?" "you are jealous!" "sleep!" he turned over without taking off his coat and wrapped up the quilt. "Hello!" she pushed disgustingly, "you haven't taken off your clothes!" "Don't take it off! Sleep!" "get up!" "can't afford it!" "get up!" "can't afford it!" "I'm going to vomit!" "vomit!" "I really vomit!" "what?" "vomit -" "Hey! How did you really vomit!" As an emperor, the most difficult thing to do is to give her an ordinary love like a cloth family. He tried his best to carefully maintain the feelings that should not exist for a year. one year, just one year. "ah Yang, the hibiscus flowers in tuchuan had better bloom..." A Yang, a Yang of my life, I keep calling your name, hoping to go to tuchuan with you in the afterlife. "brother Huang," she vowed not to be a white lotus and a virgin bitch. She said fiercely with a bloody knife, "I really want to kill you." "Yang, if you want to kill me, I'll pass you the knife."

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