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Five years after the end of the world

Five years after the end of the world

Five years after the end of the world

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    Five years after the end of the world
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    Durian pineapple crisp
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    Cook Books
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2022-08-09 08:34:38
Five years after the end of the world, the zombie virus was rampant water resources, land and vegetation are seriously polluted, and material shortage has become a more serious crisis than zombie virus at a time of human despair, strange "light doors" appeared in major bases one after another overnight people call the world behind the light door "copy" the copy contains all the necessary resources for human life even the most difficult S-level replica, as long as all S-level fragments are collected, you can get the ultimate secret of ending the end of the world -- however, the clearance rate of the S-level replica is only 0.05% ordinary girl 13 living in a remote shelter, by chance, embarked on the day of living in the replica later, people found that there was always a little girl named thirteen in the clearance list of the S-level replica therefore, everyone is passing it on. As long as you hold the little girl's thigh tightly in the copy and do what she does to you, you will be able to pass the customs safely and get a reward thirteen, who was swinging the replica monster like a meteor hammer, turned his head and said, "are you sure?" gradually, thirteen became the most promising hero in country Z to collect all S-class fragments and end the end of the world however, when the last S-level replica came, thirteen found that she was the ultimate boss of the replica. Only by defeating her can we get the last fragment and end the end of the world... thirteen: "??"

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